When we first set out to build glasshouses, our aim was to give growers the best possible environment for their plants. Today, nothing has changed. Trulux greenhouses have forged an industry leading reputation supplying commercial greenhouse growers and we’ve taken that know-how to give domestic gardeners the opportunity to grow their precious plants in optimum conditions.If your priority is your plants, read on and find out why Trulux is New Zealand’s best domestic glasshouse.

Tried. Tested. Trulux

Trulux® glasshouses are 100% New Zealand owned and operated company and have been supplying the greenhouse market in New Zealand since 2001. Our passionate team has one aim – providing NZ greenhouse gardeners with the best domestic glasshouse anywhere in New Zealand.

Our base is located in East Tamaki, Auckland and here you’ll find our glasshouses fully erected and you can see the various glass options and other extras we offer. Our team are always ready to help and will gladly assist you in all project decisions from foundation options through to selecting which glass style will most benefit your desired crop!
Our greenhouses are made to last and we display them outside and not just in glossy brochures, a greenhouse should be usable as well and that is why all Trulux greenhouses come complete with all the great features that you need to get started.


As commercial greenhouse builders we at Faber Glasshouses have seen a rise in the number of projects using diffused glass – in fact most new projects are looking to use diffused glass. We have supplied several projects using Trulux Pro® glass. The diffused glass provides a more even light to the crop resulting in greater yields and a better overall climate. I can wholly recommend Trulux Pro glass to anyone serious about giving their crop the best!- Folco Faber, Sales/Project Co-ordinator, Faber Glasshouses (Aust)

The glasshouse went together beautifully and is as solid as a rock. The auto windows will keep me amused for hours watching them open and close. Very pleased with the product.

Hal and Susan Griffiths